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If you can’t upload media when you’re logged into WordPress or you can’t upload plugins when you’re logged into WordPress via your WordPress dashboard it’s probably due to a file permissions issue. Usually when you attempt to upload a new file (.jpg or .mp3) to the media library or add a plugin an error message will appear with a notice that says something like: unable to upload file due to a file permissions error.

There are three common solutions to resolve this problem:

Option 1. Launch a support ticket with your hosting provider. Provide a detailed description, along with a screenshot. They should be able to fix this issue for you.

Option 2. Login to your hosting control panel. If you’re logging into cPanel – go to the file manager, right click onto a file or folder using. If you set permissions to a folder it sets permissions to the whole folder contents. Other file mangers offer a similar feature.

Option 3. Use an ftp client such as FileZilla (open source). Run it on your desktop and create an SFTP connection, browse your web server, go to the file or directory, right click it and set the file permissions.

Media Upload File Permissions

If you’re having issues with upload media. Set permissions 755 on wp-content/uploads. Your image URLs will look something like this: https://www.slibdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/Twenty-Nineteen-Theme-Preview.png

Add Plugin File Permissions

If you’re having issues with adding a plugin. Set permissions 755 on wp-content/plugins.

If the permission code 755 fails, try 777. This is what the codes mean.

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