There are a lot of options when it comes to neon lights, which means that there’s always something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a neon light for the home or for the workplace, you won’t be short of choice. This means that you will always be able to find cute neon signs that you love, which is great news as you don’t want to settle for something you are only partly fond of. Despite this wide variety and range of options, a lot of people continue to opt for heart neon signs. This is because they are on trend, modern and feminime. It doesn’t matter whether they are placed in the bedroom or living room, heart neon wall lights look fantastic. They are the ideal way to add style, romance and colour to a room.

5 Neon Heart Wall Lights That We Love

You won’t have to look too hard to find a thank you neon sign or a pink heart neon sign, as they are very easy to come by. Due to their increasing popularity, a lot of businesses now offer an abundance of heart and love wall lights. Rather than having to settle for a subpar or low quality option, you will be spoilt for choice. However, this can make it difficult to choose your favourite one. You may think that you want a pink light, only to find a white light that you like just as much. You may think that you want a simple design, only to find a more complex one that stands out to you. To help you decide, we have listed five neon light designs that we love.

There’s certainly nothing generic or standard about this neon sign, it’s a unique take on the popular heart design. Rather than comprising of neon tubes that create an outline, it’s comprised of a mismatch of tubes going in a variety of directions. It’s a sort of messy, squiggle design that creates the overall shape of a heart. The colour is a bright, bold and vivid one which means that it’s sure to stand out. This would look great placed above the bed, in the living room or elsewhere around the home. It’s definitely a neon sign that’s going to be remembered.

There are no rules stating that a heart neon light has to be a simple heart, as this design shows. Rather than being a simple neon light in a heart shape, this design has an added arrow. Not only does this add something extra to a popular design, but it’s a great way to ensure that it’s memorable. Whereas simple heart lights can appear very similar, this one is sure to stand out as being different. It’s also different in that it uses a blue light for the heart itself, rather than the popular pink colour that a lot of people opt for. This blue stands out against the pink arrow. It’s a feminine design, that avoids being too girly.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming one heart shape is all you need in a neon sign, as this design showcases just how great many more can look. Rather than choosing between a number of colours for one single heart shaped tube, this neon light uses an abundance. This creates a rainbow effect, something that very few other neon lights boast. Not only would this be a popular light for those who love hearts, but also those who love rainbows. It’s eye catching, it’s bold and it adds a great deal of light.

You will have heard that sometimes less is more and often simplicity is key, both of which are proven by this fantastic heart neon sign. Though it’s a simple design using one tube light and a standard pink colour, it makes a statement and creates a design that everyone will enjoy. If you are looking for a sign that’s nothing more and nothing less than a simple heart, this is the type of sign you should consider. The heart itself is not a perfect shape, which gives the impression of it being hand drawn. Not only does this make it unique, but it makes it feel a lot more personal.

There’s nothing to say that a neon sign can’t be a heart and something else at the same time, which is why this neon sign is such a great one. Though it depicts a standard heart shape, it also depicts a balloon. This is a combination that is rarely seen, but it works extremely well. It adds height, length and interest to the light. Though the design is a simple one, it’s very obvious that the sign is a balloon. This is thanks to the small line at the top right hand side of the heart and the wavy tube coming down from the bottom. It’s immediately clear what the sign is showing. The deep red colour creates ambiance, romance and warmth. The light makes the room cosy and inviting.

If you know anything about neon lights, you will know that there’s no shortage of options out there. There are pretty neon signs that depict an image and there are cute neon light signs with wording, but there’s no denying that a neon heart wall light will always be one of the most popular options. You don’t have to look around too much before you find someone using a heart neon sign in their home. This is because a neon heart wall light can be used in multiple ways, in a variety of rooms and for different purposes. Whether you choose a pink heart neon sign or a love me neon sign, you won’t be disappointed. So, which design will you be choosing?