If you know anything about neon signage, you will know that there’s a tonne of options out there. There are neon signs in every colour, every shape, every size and every design. It doesn’t matter on the type of neon sign that you are looking for, you will always be able to find something that you love. There are even great options for those who are looking for something truly unique. When you are looking for a neon sign, think about what looks cool. Neon signs are often thought of as cool and quirky additions to any room, so you want people to see the sign and be impressed.

These Neon Signs Are Cool, Vivid and Sure to Stand Out

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have the coolest neon sign out there. Everyone wants people to see their sign, to marvel at how cool it is and to remember it forever. When you invest in a neon sign, you do it to make a statement and to stand out from the crowd. When a sign is cool and quirky, it’s much more likely to get people talking. When it comes to deciding whether a neon sign is cool, there’s no right or wrong answer. What someone thinks is cool may differ hugely to what someone else thinks is cool, which can make choosing a cool sign difficult. It’s important to think about what is different and trendy, but also likely to appeal to a large audience. A unique sign is often deemed to be cool, simply because it’s unusual and unexpected. However, don’t make the mistake of choosing something so unique that it won’t appeal to the masses.

A lot of people opt for worded neon signs, as they connect with passersby and get people thinking. This neon sign is a good example of how a short and simple quote can have a big impact. Without being over the top and lengthy, it gets people thinking. There are a lot of messages with this sign, which means everyone can take away something different from what’s being said. The font is clear, simple and easy to read. This means that the sign can be perfectly viewed from a distance. The colour used is a popular one for neon signs as it’s bright and colourful, but without being overpowering.

If you really want to get people talking, choose a neon sign that uses memorable language. The use of a swear word and the use of a slang word means that the sign will connect with a young audience, possibly an audience that will take a photo and share it with their friends. There’s no denying that this is a neon sign that people won’t want to forget. It doesn’t matter where this neon sign is placed, it’s always going to look great. The font is clear and simple, which means that there’s no risk of someone not being able to read it with ease.

Though you may be tempted to choose a neon signs that is complex and complicated, sometimes less really is more. As this neon sign shows, a simple and subtle sign can make a big impact. Using just two words, this neon sign sends a big message. It’s a message that a lot of people can relate to, which means that it’s sure to be remembered and get them thinking. The colour used for this sign is ideal, as blue is often associated with dreaming and having a goal. The font also reflects the overall message, as it’s light and flowy. This wouldn’t be achieved with a darker colour or with a harsher, sharper fonts.

There’s nothing to say that a cool sign has to use wording, as images and graphics work just as well. This neon sign is cool, funky and depicts a rock hand sign. This is something that is always viewed as being cool, so there’s no worry of someone not thinking the same. The sign is detailed enough to clearly display the image, but without being complicated or busy. This is a sign that could be placed anywhere and it will work.

There are a lot of neon signs that use only one colour, but this design shows just how effective multiple colours can be. Instead of choosing one bold colour, this neon sign uses three. This guarantees that the sign will stand out, make a statement and be impactful. The sign conveys a positive message of having no bad days, something that a lot of people can relate to. Rather than being preachy or over the top, this sign is cool as it keeps things subtle and simple. It simply states that bad days aren’t wanted. A playful font has been used, which matches the message. Everything about this sign is fun, lively and positive. It’s something that a lot of people will enjoy looking at.

When you are choosing neon signage, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. With so many businesses and homeowners choosing to add cool neon lights, it’s key that you add something different. After all, nobody wants to look as though they are copying everyone else and failing to be different. Luckily, there’s a tonne of chill neon sign options for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you want a sign with a quote or a sign with an image, you will always be able to find a neon sign that ticks every box. There’s really no need to choose a generic or boring neon sign, not when there are so many interesting and unique options. Rather than settling for something that looks standard and dull, choose something that grabs attention and gets people talking.