Retro, by definition, refers to something that imitates a style or fashion from the recent past. It is often used to describe clothing, music, fashion, decor and signage. When you are looking for neon signs, you will immediately notice just how many styles and designs there are to choose from. If you are looking for something contemporary and modern, you will find an array of fantastic options. If you are looking for something classic and traditional, you certainly won’t find yourself short of choice. However, it’s retro neon signs that continue to be one of the most popular types of neon sign. These signs are not limited to homes or businesses, as many homeowners and business owners favour them over other styles. This is why there are so many examples of retro signs to check out online, as many are being designed to keep up with the growing demand. There is a big interest in retro fashion and style at the moment, which branches out to include decor and interior design. Anyone who likes a more vintage and old school design is sure to enjoy the addition of a retro neon sign at home, at work or at a business they are visiting.

Which Of These Retro Neon Signs Will You Choose?

One of the most common types of neon signs are those depicting a retro object, such as this great sign showing a retro gaming machine. These are rarely seen now, but these games are commonly associated with old school bars and arcades. There are a lot of other objects that are synonymous with a retro vibe, such as jukeboxes and boomboxes. When someone sees this sign, they are immediately aware that it’s retro in style and design. This is helped along by the specific colours that are used. Rather than going for one colour, which is often seen as being a contemporary and stylish way of doing things, this sign utilises three different colours. The blue, white and yellow lights work well together and stand out. These are the colours that are often seen with vintage neon signs.

When it comes to cool neon signs, this Pacman design is one of our favourites. There are very few people out there who won’t immediately recognise this design as being Pacman, making it a retro sign that appeals to a wide audience. Whether an individual has played Pacman themselves or is simply interested in retro gaming, this neon sign is unlikely to disappoint. It uses all of the colours that are synonymous with retro signs, those that are bright and bold.

We really like this retro Coca Cola neon sign, as it’s about as retro as they come. Not only is the Coca Cola brand one that has been around for a number of years, but it’s a brand that is quite often used in retro fashion and interior design. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a cold glass of Coca Cola every once in a while? This is a sign that would work well in bars, restaurants and pubs. It highlights the type of service that is being offered, as well as showing that the business has gone above and beyond to add unique wall hangings. If you are a big fan of Coca Cola yourself and want to create a retro vibe in a games room or study, a neon sign such as this one is ideal. It’s fun, memorable and it grabs attention immediately as being a brand that everyone knows.

A lot of retro signs advertise a diner, as this is something that a lot of people associate as being retro. As is the case with this specific sign, a lot of retro signs give reference to the United States and the culture of going out for fast food, cocktails and beers. This sign is a little different from the rest, as it utilises a lot of different attention grabbing techniques. Not only does it use different fonts and colours, but it also has an intriguing rocket and space theme. This is something that you will see a lot of in retro signage. By swapping out the rocket for something related to the individual business, this is a sign design that could be used again.

We couldn’t curate a list of the best retro neon signs we have found without including one from an American motel. This is where neon signs really became popular, being used as a way to entice drivers and passersby into the business. With a lot of motel options to choose from, it’s vital for an individual establishment to stand out. This is why they are rarely basic or simple, instead opting for bright colours and a lot going on. There’s text, a cactus and a cowboy on this sign which makes it unique from many others. There are also a lot of different colours being used. From the moment you see the neon sign, it’s very obvious what it being advertised.

Whether you are a fan of retro neon signs yourself or you know that your target customer certainly will be, you won’t find yourself struggling to find a design that truly works for you and your business. Even if you are looking for a retro sign for your home or office, you will always have a great deal of choice. There are retro signs in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a variety of colours and designs. There are indoor retro signs and outdoor retro signs, horizontal retro signs and vertical retro signs. You will even find retro signs using text and retro signs using images, with some using both. When we say that there’s no shortage of neon signs available, we really do mean it.