If you know anything about neon wall signs, you will know that there is certainly no shortage of signage options for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you are advertising a business or sprucing up your own personal living space, there is always going to be a neon wall sign that works for you. One of the great things about neon signs is that there is no limit as to what they can display. You will find signs displaying a catchy quote, depicting objects and even advertising a business name. This can make it difficult to choose your ultimate favourite. With a tonne of neon signage on offer, you may find yourself wanting to buy them all. Luckily, a lot of the best signs can be found on Pinterest and these are great for inspiration. If you are unsure as to the design and style of sign that you want, head over to Pinterest and check out some of the fantastic options. It won’t take you long to realise just how many great neon signs there are, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our 6 Favourite Neon Wall Signs on Pinterest

With so many impressive neon signs on Pinterest, narrowing down the top options is no easy feat. However, being aware of the best signs available is a key part of finding one that you love. To help you out in your quest for a great neon sign, we have found six of the best signs Pinterest has to offer.

“It Was Always You” – If it’s outdoor neon signs that you are interested in, this sign is sure to grab your attention. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming an outdoor neon sign can only be used to advertise or market a business, but that is not the case at all. There are a tonne of neon signs, much like this one, that work just as well outdoors. We love that this sign is subtle, using only white light and narrow font, but it still makes an impact. The romantic quote conveys a strong message.

“FORD” – With the growing popularity of neon signs and the fact that there are now more neon signage options than ever, more and more people are using them outdoors. This sign is one of our favourites because it is bold, vivid and it grabs attention. Though it only uses one word, it transforms the outdoor space into one that has personality and style. Rather than blending in as a standard outdoor area, the neon sign ensures character. This type of sign would work well in the outside area of a bar or restaurant, as well as gardens and patios at home.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” – Sometimes, less really is more. We often find that the neon signs that say less actually have a much bigger impact, as the message is strong and concise. Though this sign only uses one repeated word, there is no confusion as to what the design is referring to. This neon sign would work well in a bar or a retail store, as well as in the home. You could place the sign in the bedroom to create a girly, feminine vibe or in a nightclub bathroom to add some colour. We really like this sign because it packs a punch, whilst using a colour that is hugely popular at the moment.

“@” – The majority of neon signs are designed with nightclubs, bars and personal users in mind but there are a fair few that work well in a more professional setting. This sign is a prime example of that. It’s subtle, chic and it depicts a symbol that every worker recognises. It’s a neon sign that manages to stand out as a key interior design feature, whilst also being professional and appropriate for any working environment. There are a lot of ways to add personality and excitement to a workplace, but this neon sign is one of our favourite options. Adding a neon sign such as this one shows that a business has gone above and beyond to create a workspace that’s unique and enjoyable to be in, without needing to rely on an abundance of colour.

Balloon Animal – It’s not always easy to add personality and character to a space, especially if you are trying to avoid going over the top with artwork and photographs. However, a neon such such as this one depicting a balloon style animal works well. Though it’s simple and only uses one colour, it’s very clear what the image is and it draws interest right away. This style of neon sign is ideal if you want something bold, something that’s going to make a statement but without saying too much. With this simple sign, you can add a unique feature to a room without having to rely on any wording.

Two Faces – There’s no reason as to why a neon sign cannot also be art, as this sign showing two intertwined faces shows. Though neon signs with quotes and a bold image are hugely popular, there are options out there if you are looking for something artistic and thought provoking. The use of two contrasting colours means that both faces stand out individually, as well as working together to ensure the design works as one image. This is a firm favourite as it shows the detail can be achieved through the use of two simple neon lines.

As you can see, there is certainly no shortage of neon wall signs on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an indoor sign or an outdoor sign, you will have a wide range of popular options to choose from.