There’s no shortage of options when it comes to neon signs, which is why they are used by so many businesses around the world. You will find a multitude of restaurants, corporate companies and retailers all using neon signs to advertise their products and services in some way or another. There are even a number of homeowners who use neon signs as a way to inject personality, excitement and light into their personal space. It doesn’t matter about the type of neon sign you are interested in, you won’t find yourself short of places to put it. However, it’s the neon sign tattoo options that are becoming more and more popular. You won’t have to look too far to find a tattoo studio using a neon sign to attract customers or a tattoo enthusiast using a neon sign to showcase their passion. This is because there are so many neon tattoo signs to choose from. Regardless of the type of neon signs that you like, you will always find a design that works for your home or your business.

Check Out These Great Examples of Neon Tattoo Signs

When it comes to neon signs, there are a lot of design options. There are a variety of colours, fonts and sizes to choose from. You can also find neon signs in any style and shape, which means that you will always be able to find a neon sign that ticks every box. This is fantastic news for anyone who is looking for a tattoo neon sign, as you can confidently browse knowing that you will find your ideal sign soon enough.

Though it can be tempting to choose a neon sign that’s complicated and complex, sometimes it’s better to opt for a simple and straightforward alternative. This design is ideal for outside of a tattoo studio, as it clearly showcases what the business does and what’s on offer. There is no need to worry about people passing by, not knowing that there’s a tattooist working nearby. The design is simple, but that’s not to say that it’s boring or dull. The green colour used is attention grabbing, noticeable and vivid. This means that the sign will be seen from a fair distance, but without appearing over the top or necessarily bright. The font used is clear, concise and readable. This means that the sign can be read with ease from a distance, something that is vital when advertising a business. There’s no denying that heavily detailed neon signs work, but this design shows that simple signs can work just as well.

When it comes to designing a neon sign, it’s important to choose a clear font. This is because you want people to be able to understand the sign from a distance, regardless of which angle they are approaching from. Though there are fonts that some would argue are more interesting, it’s the simple fonts that convey a message well. This design is a great example of that, as there’s no question about what word is being displayed. The colour used is also a great one, it’s one that’s often used on neon signs because of how bold and bright it is. Red is a colour that appeals to the masses, which increases the likelihood of someone taking note. This is a neon sign design that would work well used both indoors and outdoors.

If you know anything about neon signs, you will know that they are often used to advertise products and services. This is because they catch the attention of passersby and clearly showcase what’s on offer. Whereas a lot of signage is only visible during daylight, neon signage is visible at all times. This means that a business can make themselves known at all times. As this design shows, a neon sign can clearly display what a business does. Using only two words and two colours, everyone will know that tattoos and piercings can be expected. Whether a potential customer is driving by quickly or strolling on the other side of the road, their attention will be grabbed. Within seconds, they will know where to go for tattoos and piercings. The colours used are both bright and bold, while also contrasting and standing out from one another. This means that both words are displayed equally, without one being more noticeable than the other.

There are a lot of neon tattoo signs that only showcase the word ‘tattoo’ and though these are effective, there are ways to make things a little more interesting. As this design shows, adding something extra can really make the sign stand out from the crowd. The heart shape around the wording is simple and subtle, but it makes a big difference. It ensures the sign is a focal point and gives people something to focus one, which increases how noticeable and memorable the sign is. It transforms the sign from simple wording into an interesting pieces of artwork that stands out.

You don’t need to know a lot about owning a tattoo business to know that neon signs are a big part of their advertising and marketing. There are some tattoo studios with large neon signs hanging inside, many of which depict a popular tattoo design or something related to the tattoo industry. There are other tattoo studios with neon signs placed outside, showing passersby what the business does and what service is on offer should they decide to enter. Though there are two ways of using a neon sign tattoo, both ways are extremely effective. Regardless of where you place a tattoo neon sign, it’s certain to garner attention and make a statement. This is vital in the world of tattooing as there are a lot of competitors and other tattooists with similar skill sets, talents and abilities.