There are a lot of different neon signs out there, with businesses and homeowners using them for a variety of things. Some people use a neon sign to advertise a business, whereas some use a neon sign to advertise a product. Some people see a neon sign to add an inspirational quote to a space, whereas some use a neon sign to inject humour into a room. It’s safe to say that there really is a neon sign for every use and every occasion. However, you will probably notice that you stumble upon a neon open sign more often than you do any other types of sign. This is because a large number of businesses use neon open signs to attract customers, to bring in passersby off the street and to make their businesses a lot more noticeable among competitors. You won’t have to spend too long looking online before you start to see just how many neon signs are advertising the fact that a business is open.

Our Favourite Neon Open Signs

This is a great neon sign as it uses four key colours; red, yellow, green and blue. All four of these colours are bright, bold and they stand out from one another. This in turn ensures that the sign itself stands out, which is vital for anything showcasing that a business is open. The font uses for this sign is simple and effective, as there is no risk of someone not being able to clearly see what the sign says from a fair distance. As far as neon sign goes, this is definitely one that could be used in a variety of different industries. It would work just as well in a retail store, as it would in a bar or restaurant.

If you have paid any attention to open signs before, you will know that this design is a classic one. It uses two bright colours and a simple font, ensuring that it stands out and conveys a clear message from any angle. This type of open sign is commonly used outside bars, pubs and restaurants. When someone walks by, they can easily see that the business is open and accepting customers at that moment in time. There is certainly no risk of someone thinking otherwise and taking their custom elsewhere. A great thing about this sign in particular is that it works well with a lot of existing decor, meaning that it will not clash with other neon signs or wall accessories that may already be in place. It can be added to any wall and will function well.

Why say something once when you could say it three times? This open sign differs from the others, as the word is repeated three times and three similar colours are used. A lot of signs use clashing or contrasting colours to ensure each individual word stands out, but this isn’t necessary when all three words are the same. Using red, orange and yellow is highly effective. Not only are the three colours bright enough to stand out, but they work well together to create a cohesive design. Rather than simply acting as an open sign, this acts as a piece of artwork.

There’s no reason as to why an open neon sign cannot also include an image, such as this sign that also depicts a fish. Of course, this is a sign that’s best suited to a business with a link to fish or fishing but it’s a graphic that could easily be swapped for something else. For example, a bar could use a cocktail class or a retail store could use a shoe. By adding a graphic, the sign is a little more interesting and arguably more noticeable to people passing by. Whereas some open signs are noticeable because they are simple and basic, this neon sign is noticeable because it has a lot to offer. If the wording doesn’t catch someone’s attention, the image will. Adding an image to a neon sign is a good way to bring a number of signs together, using similar imagery and branding across the board.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, this vertical ice cream open sign may be just what you are after. Though the majority of open signs are horizontal, this vertical option works just as well. It’s eye catching, noticeable and bright. There is certainly no risk of this sign flying under the radar. Like a lot of other open signs, this one uses an array of strong colours to ensure that it stands out. It would look great placed outside of a business, but could also work when used in an entranceway. Though the ice cream design means that it’s better suited to some businesses than others, it’s a design that could inspire other similar vertical signs.

As you can see, there is a variety of neon open signs for a business to choose from. Though a lot of people opt for a neon open sign, that’s not to say that everyone has to choose the exact same style and design. There really is something for everyone and every business, regardless of whether you are looking for something large and bold or something small and subtle. Having a neon sign that says ‘open’ is hugely beneficial for any business, as it highlights that you are ready and welcoming to customers at that very moment. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bar, restaurant or retail space it’s always helpful to highlight that you are in fact open for business at the time someone is walking by. Otherwise, you run the risk of potential customers heading elsewhere. Don’t underestimate just how noticeable, bright and engaging neon open signs are.