When a lot of people think of a neon logo, they think of businesses and brands advertising themselves. This is because a lot of businesses and brands use neon signs to stand out among their competitors. In fact, it was something that a lot of businesses and brands were doing a long time before neon signs became popular in the world of home decor. Some businesses will transform their logo into a neon sign to attract the attention of passersby, placing it outside their premises to ensure that they are always noticed. With so many businesses all competing for the same key customers, standing out is extremely vital. It is also common for brands to use neon signs to showcase their logos in different places, such as businesses around the country. For example, a beer company may place their logos in neon form at a local restaurant or pub. This is something that the likes of Coca-Cola and Budweiser do often. If you think about it, you can probably remember seeing a neon Coca-Cola sign at a pub or behind the bar of a nightclub. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that neon signs are only for use outside of the business itself, as neon business signs can also be located elsewhere. It’s important for a brand to advertise itself as much as possible and to a wide audience, which is why placing neon signs in other premises works so well.

Top Neon Logo and Business Signs

There are a lot of different ways that a neon sign can be used, two of the most popular involve brands and businesses. A lot of businesses and brands use neon signage to advertise themselves, their products and their services. This is commonly done outside of the business itself, such as on the side of the building, or in places where a specific brand product is being offered. We have curated a list of some of the best neon logo and businesses signs out there, to show you just how effective and engaging they can be.

This Budweiser neon logo is a prime example of how effective they can be. This is a sign that could be placed in a bar, restaurant, pub or nightclub to highlight that they serve Budweiser. It’s an easy way to advertise the brand, whilst drawing the attention of customers away from other options. Though Budweiser is already a well known brand, the continuous use of the logo increases this. The more people that recognise a logo, the more people that recognise a brand. All brands should aim to have a logo that is instantly recognisable and this is achieved by frequent use in a variety of places. It’s a great logo as the white font stands out from the orange, ensuring that there’s no question of who or what is being advertised.

Neon signs are not just for big businesses and well known brands, but also those that are smaller and more independent. In order to stand out from competitors, it is vital for any business or brand to make themselves known to passerbys. After all, a lot of business comes from foot traffic. This palm reader neon sign is a great example of how a sign can be simple, but still extremely effective. It uses two contrasting colours, pink and blue, which ensures that everything on the sign stands out from a distance. As well as using images that reflect the service being offered, it also uses a font that is easy to read. The text clearly and concisely explains what the business does. There’s no confusion about the message.

It’s important for a business sign to showcase what the business is or what the business offers, which is exactly what this sign for a bowling alley does. From the second you see the sign, there is no question about what is being offered. Not only is the business name clearly displayed, but there’s a large neon bowling pin. Though some businesses are able to simply use their name on a sign because they are well known, other businesses need to utilise an image. The colours used are bold, bright and vivid. It’s a sign that is visible from a distance and is therefore likely to draw in foot traffic, drivers and locals.

Though sometimes less is more, this neon sign is a good example of how sometimes more is more. There is a lot going on in this design, which is something that businesses and brands are often told to stay away from. However, when executed well, this sign shows just how attention grabbing and noticeable neon signage can be. It uses a wide variety of colours, different fonts, a large fish image, horizontal wording and vertical wording. This may sound like a sign that’s surely too busy to work well, but the message and business is clear. There’s no question about what business is being advertised and it’s a sign that can be seen from any angle.

There isn’t a brand or business out there that cannot benefit from a neon sign. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an international company looking to advertise a new product or a brand that wants to be more recognisable, neon business signs work extremely well. This is because they stand out, are noticeable and make a statement. When compared to standard signs, there is no denying that neon alternatives make a big impact. As every business and brand is different, it’s important for all logos and signs to be unique. When a sign is unique and different from others offering something similar, it’s a lot easier to build a recognisable brand that people know. Rather than settling for a standard sign, opt for one that looks amazing.