Everyone knows that great lighting can transform a room, it’s why rooms look so different in daylight compared to nighttime. When you choose neon lights for room use, you have the opportunity to transform the space into something completely different. You can alter the colour of the room, the ambiance and the vibe. You can add a specific feeling or emotion, as well as grabbing the attention of anyone who enters. There’s no limit as to how much of a difference a neon light can make. A lot of people assume that neon lights are only used to advertise a business or to market a product, but they can be used as a functional and practical lighting solution. As well as being unique and colourful, neon lights do emit enough light to work as an alternative to lamps. They are ideal if you want to transform a room and ensure the room stands out, without having to compromise on the effectiveness of your lighting.

Transform Any Room With These Fabulous Neon Lights

There’s no denying that every room looks instantly better with great lighting, but that doesn’t mean stopping at a simple lamp or a standard ceiling light. With a neon light, you can transform any room by adding bright and bold colours in a unique way. However, a neon light doesn’t just add light and colour. A neon light can also add style, dimension and a focal point. Rather than having a boring or generic room, you can add a neon light and inject something different into any space. Though neon lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, any room will still stand out when it’s full of neon signs and lights. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different when it comes to transforming and upgrading a room.

There is always a focus on neon lights being used in living rooms and bedrooms, even retail stores and bars. However, a lot of people forget that neon lights can work well when placed in bathrooms. Though you won’t want to be adding a large advertising sign or something too out there, small amounts of neon light can transform the room. As this example shows, simple blue lights can create a calming and tranquil vibe in a bathroom. They are placed on the ceiling and out of the way, casting a subtle light over anyone who enters. These neon lights are a great alternative to standard bathroom lighting, which can often be harsh and glaring.

If you want to add light to a dark room without brightening the space too much, coloured neon lights are a good option. A lot of dark rooms appear dingy and unwelcoming, which is why lighting is so important. As this example shows, subtle neon lights can add colour and style when used correctly. Neon lights are used to highlight a step, to cast light across a seating area and to draw focus to a quote on the wall. Though a lot of pink neon tubes are used, this design avoids appearing too deminie or girly. This is something that’s hugely important when you are trying to appeal to a wide and varied audience.

A lot of bars, nightclubs and restaurants use neon lighting. This is because neon lights add colour and light, without ruining the ambiance. When other lighting is used, there’s a risk of the entire space being too light and this makes it difficult to create a specific mood. As this example shows, various neon lights can be dotted around an indoor space to add light and colour. Blue and red neon lights are very popular in bars and nightclubs, as they are bold and appeal to a lot of people. Neon lights are popularly used to highlight steps, seating areas, bars and walkways.

When it comes to lighting a bathroom, a lot of thought needs to go into things. It’s not simply a case of adding a ceiling light and a lamp or two, as this will fail to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. You want to stay away from having a bathroom that’s too bright, as this will feel glaring and too bright compared to outside areas. This example shows just how effective subtle and functional neon light can be. The pink and purple shades are ideal, as they are dark but without being too dark. These neon lights are chic, trendy and modern. There’s no denying that this is a bathroom that’s going to be remembered for offering something a little bit different.

You won’t have to spend too long looking for neon lights for rooms, as there are a tonne of options and a tonne of places to purchase them. This can mean that you have too many choices and you may even be tempted to buy more than one, as many people are. A lot of people opt for a ‘design your own neon sign’ service, as this ensures that you will have a sign that no one else has. There’s no chance of someone else having the exact same sign as you when you design your own neon light. You can choose the style, size, shape, colour and overall design. There are also a lot of signs that have already been created by a neon light designer, which means that you can choose a sign that you know will be popular with visitors. Though these aren’t custom or personal, they are high quality and well designed. Before making your purchase, you will know how the neon light design will look and whether it’s going to be liked by those who see it. It’s vital that a neon light stands out and makes the statement, which is why design is so important.