There is no denying that there has been a huge focus on neon lights for the home lately, with a lot of people choosing to adorn different rooms with bright lights and neon signs. There’s also a lot of other places, such as those in shops and restaurants, that have also jumped on the neon light bandwagon. This is because neon lights are attention grabbing, bold and noticeable. However, adding neon lights is not anything new and it’s not a trend that has recently popped up. Though there has been a big increase in popularity lately when it comes to neon signs inside the home, they have always been popular outside of businesses. Businesses have been using them for many years as a way to attract customers and market themselves.

Stunning Neon Lights That Grab Attention

If you are a fan of antique neon signs and old neon signs you are in luck, as there are a whole host of fantastic options to inspire you. These aren’t the kinds of neon signs that you will find in someone’s house, as they are large and designed to attract attention in a big way. Whether someone is slowly strolling by or driving along a busy road, these neon signs are sure to grab their attention right away.

There is no need to worry about this sign going unnoticed as it’s bright, it’s big and it’s bold. It’s certainly a sign that has been designed to stand out from afar, meaning that it does a great job of advertising and marketing the business. It clearly conveys the message of there being a diner that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no question about what the neon sign is advertising or where the business is located, thanks to the arrow graphic. Designs such as this are popular for diners and motels, as they are large enough to see from a distance. Rather than simply focusing on passersby, they do a good job of being seen from many metres away.

When it comes to motels and hotels, this style of neon sign is extremely popular. It’s retro and vintage in style, which makes it appear classic and traditional wherever it is placed. It’s a style of sign that everyone is used to seeing, but that doesn’t mean that it is boring or standard. The use of different colours and different shapes gives it dimension, helping it to stand out in busy areas and places where there are other businesses competing for the same customers.

This neon sign is a prime example of how effective a design can be, without having to rely on bright and bold colours. Whereas a lot of different neon signs use an abundance of vivid colours, this sign only uses a light green and yellow. Though this may sound like subtle colour combination that would blend into the background, that isn’t the case at all. The size and overall shape of the sign ensures that it stands out wherever it is placed. This neon sign uses both rounded edges and those that are jagged, which adds a great deal of dimension to the overall look. As is the case with a lot of neon signs that are used for motels and hotels, the height of this sign ensures that it makes a statement.

There are a lot of neon signs that focus on text and wording, but this design shows that depicting an item or product works just as well. There’s no questioning what this business offers. Though the sign very clearly states that ice cream is on offer, the ice cream shape of the sign furthers this message even more. From a distance and without needing to read the text, it’s very obvious what the business is and what the business sells. A range of colours are used, which ensures that the neon sign appears to be fun and energetic. It conveys a playful and enjoyable message, something that’s likely to entice customers.

If you are looking for a neon sign that’s a little bit different, this is a good example. Rather than being relatively flat, it’s a completely three dimensional design. This means that it can be seen in the same way from every angle, which maximises the number of people who will see the sign. Regardless of the direction that they are approaching from the same impressive sign can be seen. Two bold and contrasting colours have been used, red and green, and these stand out a lot. They are noticeable and attention grabbing colours, with both the lettering and the spiral design being equally visible at all times. The good thing about having a unique neon sign is that it’s memorable. There’s no worry of it being forgotten about and there’s no worry of it being confused with a similar sign. Whatever the business is, it’s sure to be remembered.

As you can see, there’s certainly no shortage of large retro neon lights available. Though the examples above are ideal for businesses and outdoor use, there are a variety of neon lights for home that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to spruce up the living room or add some personality to the bedroom, you will always be able to find old neon signs that work for you. It only takes a few minutes of browsing online before you find vintage neon signs for sale. Obviously, the signs used by businesses will differ from those used by homeowners. Neon signs in the home can be stylish and personal, whereas signs for a business must be functional and practical. The focus should be on marketing and advertising, rather than style.