If you know anything about neon light signs, you will know that there is a huge variety to choose from. There are subtle and simple neon signs, as well as bold and loud neon signs. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking a neon sign for the home or you are investing in one as a business, you will always be able to find one that works for you. Still, the signs that often grab the most attention are the more unusual ones. A lot of people make the mistake of shying away from unusual neon signs, going as far as to assume that they are a little too ‘out there’ for them. However, taking a step out of your comfort zone and choosing something a little bit different can pay off. Signs that are unusual are memorable, they stand out and they make a statement. These are all things that a good neon sign should do, regardless of where it is placed.

Take Notice of These Unusual Neon Signs

You don’t have to spend too long browsing neon light up signs before you stumble across the more unusual ones. This is because more businesses and more homeowners are realising that a neon sign being unusual also means that it’s unique and therefore it’s something special. With an unusual sign, there’s no reason to worry about someone else having the same and there’s no need to worry about it not being noticed. As there are a lot of unusual signs available, it’s not always easy to find the best of the best. To help you out, we have listed some of our favorites options.

When you look at most neon or light up signs, you will see that they stick to a handful of colours and one font. This keeps the design consistent and clear, which is especially important if it’s advertising or marketing a product. Saying that, there are some signs that stand out as being unusual because they do the opposite. This design is a prime example. Rather than using one font, each letter has a different style and shape. It’s not something you see often, but in this case it works well for standing out and creating intrigue. The sign also uses a variety of different colours, instead of a few key colours from the same pallette. All of the colours are bold, but they are very different. Again, this helps the sign to stand out as being something out of the ordinary.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that an image needs to be simple and straightforward in order to work as a neon sign. Though designs cannot be overly complex or complicated, when designed well it is entirely possible to add a fair amount of detail. You can see this by looking at this carousel horse sign. Despite using a lot of different colours and a lot of details, there’s no denying what the sign is depicting. It’s not common to see a neon sign with quite so many lights and shapes, which is why this one stands out from the rest. It goes as far as having a bow, a flower, a flowing mane and a clear face. Though unusual, this is one of the signs that appeals to a large and varied audience.

There are some neon signs that clearly display a message and there are others that make you stop to think, such as this one. This isn’t a sign that you can easily read as you casually stroll pass, nor is it clear that a direct question is being asked right away. To see the message, you need to stop and focus. It’s a fantastic way of garnering the attention of passersby, who may have otherwise been oblivious to the sign completely. Then, when someone does stop, the question gets them to think. It’s unusual for a neon sign to ask a question and evoke thoughts, as usually these signs are all about being bold and bright. As is the case with all forms of advertising, asking a question recreates a memorable experience. There’s no denying that this sign is a memorable one.

The majority of neon signs display wording, a brand name or a simple image. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t other signs out there. This astronaut shows that there really is no limit as to what can be turned into a neon sign, even ideas that seem complex on paper. This astronaut highlights that there really is a lot of freedom in regards to what can be transformed into a light up neon sign, meaning even the more unusual ideas are likely to work well when executed professionally. Though this isn’t a design that would be everyone’s ideal, it definitely makes a statement and is sure to interest a fair few.

As you can see, there’s certainly no shortage of fantastic neon light signs out there that are a little bit unusual. Whether you are looking for a neon sign for your home or your place of work, you may be tempted to play it safe by going with a tried and tested design. Though this will guarantee that the sign appeals to a wide range of people, it’s unlikely to stand out and be memorable. By choosing an unusual sign, you are able to showcase your personal style and taste. If you are buying the sign for a business, an unusual sign is a great way to stand out from your competitors and convey a message to your customer base. If you are buying the sign for your home, an unusual sign will add personality and character. There’s no point in blending in when a neon sign can help you to stand out.