If you know anything about neon signs, you will know that they are hugely popular with businesses and brands. They are used as a way to advertise the company, market a product and gain the attention of those passing by. However, in recent years, this has changed slightly. A lot of people are now embracing neon signs in the home. You won’t only find businesses using neon signs, but homeowners and interior designers too. Though signs can be added anywhere in the home, most people are interested in neon lights for a bedroom. Adding a neon light to a bedroom adds character, personality and style. A neon sign also adds lighting in a way that is different and unique, meaning there is no need to rely on standard lamps that everyone else is using.

5 Neon Lights That Are Great For Bedrooms

You won’t have to look for too long to find a great neon sign for your bedroom, as there are a tonne of fantastic options. This amount of choice can leave you unable to make a decision. To help you out, we have found five signs that are great for any bedroom.

There are some neon signs that would work well in a lot of different rooms, but this is one that’s perfectly suited to a bedroom. The quote itself is lighthearted and relaxing, something which is key for any sign placed in a bedroom. It doesn’t create excitement and boost energy in a big way, it simply creates a relaxing image. This font is popular among neon signs used in bedrooms, as it’s casual and dreamy. There are no sharp corners or straight lines, which helps to keep the overall look of the sign as informal and playful as possible. When adding a sign to a bedroom, it’s important to stay away from anything too harsh. Though there are neon signs that utilise colour, white is hard to beat when it comes to a bedroom. It ensures the neon sign is noticeable, whilst still creating a cosy and comfortable feel.

There are some neon signs that stand out as being extremely popular for bedrooms and this is one of them. The mention of ‘goodnight’ means that the sign can only really be used in the bedroom, with placement above a bed working well. This quote is simple and short, but it evokes a loving and relaxed feeling.

As is the case with a lot of bedroom neon signs, this design uses a basic font and a white light. This helps to avoid the unwanted feeling of boldness, which often comes with fonts that are straighter and edigier. Neon signs for a bedroom shouldn’t be harsh or over the top, as creating a space to unwind is key.

Though a lot of people choose a quote or phrase for their bedroom, others prefer to stand out a little more by choosing a bold image. This specific neon sign isn’t one that everyone would pick for a bedroom, but it’s certainly one that adds character and personality. If a bedroom needs livening up, a sign such as this one is key. There’s no denying that this mouth design wouldn’t automatically become the focal point of any room, especially a bedroom with minimal colour elsewhere. It’s common for bedrooms to be lit using calming and warm lights, but that’s not to say that something a little bolder and brighter doesn’t work just as well. The use of orange and purple is a unique choice, which means that the entire room has a unique vibe. This neon sign is darker, moodier and full of personality.

The bedroom is a place where we relax, unwind and sleep but it’s also a place where we get ready for date nights and evenings out with friends. This is why the ‘glam’ sign is a great one, as it refers to the fact that there’s a lot of fun and enjoyment to be found in getting glammed up. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming a neon sign for the bedroom needs to include a quote that will send you off to sleep or an inspirational phrase to get you ready for the day, but that’s not the case at all. This simple sign packs a punch and makes a statement, all with just one word. It’s a little different to a lot of bedroom signs, as it does not use white light in any way.

Sometimes, less really is more and this sign is a prime example of that. It doesn’t use crazy colours and it doesn’t use a famous quote. Instead, it simply highlights that the bedroom is a place to unwind and chill out. It doesn’t matter whether the sign is used as a form of lighting or a piece of art, it’s hard not to feel relaxed and peaceful when looking at it. This is something that’s important when choosing a neon sign for the bedroom, as nobody wants to feel hyped up and overly motivated before they go to sleep. The sign uses a soft and warm light, which create a cosy and comfortable feel.

Regardless of whether you are creating a chic and stylish bedroom or you want to relax with ambient lighting, you won’t be short of neon signs to choose from. There are a lot of neon lights for a bedroom, it’s simply a case of pursuing the options and finding the one that works for you. Whereas some people will opt for an inspirational or whimsical quote, others will opt for something bold and memorable. Whereas some people want a neon sign that makes a statement and becomes a focal piece of the room, others want a neon sign that’s subtle and understated.