There’s nothing better than putting the finishing touches on a kitchen and standing back, realising that you have created a space that you are excited to cook and eat in. It’s not always easy to design a kitchen that is functional and practical, whilst still showcasing your own style and personality, but a neon kitchen sign can help. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that all neon signs are bright, bold and designed to grab attention. Though this is the case with a lot of neon signs, there are some that are a lot simpler and much more subtle. This means that you won’t struggle to find a neon sign that will transform your kitchen, whilst remaining in keeping with the interior design aesthetic. After all, no one wants to add a neon sign and have it throw off the overall style of the room. It’s possible to find a neon sign that adds to the design of a kitchen in the best way.

Our Favourite Neon Kitchen Signs

When a lot of people think of neon signs, they think of kitschy offices and unique bedrooms. However, there are just as many neon sign options for the kitchen and dining area. There has recently been an increase in the number of people who are adding neon signs to the home, with kitchens being one of the most popular rooms. Adding a neon sign to the kitchen can create an entirely new feel, whilst adding more light and a major focal point. We can all agree that a neon sign will always grab attention.

There’s no denying that this neon sign was designed with kitchens in mind. If you have a busy home with a large family, this sign is the ideal addition. Not only does it showcase that the kitchen is open and ready for hungry individuals, but it adds some fun and energy to a room that is often quite generic. It’s not easy to be playful when it comes to decorating a kitchen, but this neon sign definitely grabs attention in a positive way. The blue colour will work well in a range of different kitchens, especially those that are minimal in design and those that use an aqua colour scheme. This is a simple sign, but sometimes less is more. When there’s a lot going on in a kitchen with people coming and going, you need a sign that will stand out and convey a clear message. There’s certainly no need to worry about this design not being clear and concise.

Though occasionally you may find yourself quickly whipping up something small to eat, a kitchen is usually the place where people come together to prepare a meal and spend time together. This sign reflects that, by encouraging everyone to get cooking. Whereas a lot of neon signs focus on wording or an image, this does both. That is one thing that makes it unique. It uses three warm and comforting colours, which ensures the sign is one that welcomes people and makes them feel at home. As the kitchen is often the central hub of a home, it’s an ideal place to add unique signs and colour.

When it comes to eating and drinking, the kitchen is where everyone heads. However, the fun doesn’t need to stop there. A lot of entertaining and socialising goes on in the kitchen, which this neon sign reflects perfectly. It’s welcoming people in by saying they should eat, drink and dance. After all, who doesn’t want to have some fun in the kitchen? It’s not all about slaving over a hot stove and keeping an eye on what’s in the oven, hoping to come up with a meal the entire family will enjoy. The kitchen is a place to experiment, unwind and enjoy food. This sign is a great choice if you are someone who does a lot of hosting and entertaining, especially if dinner parties and drinks are your thing. It shows that the kitchen is a fun and enjoyable place to be.

If you are looking for a simple and subtle neon sign for the kitchen, this may be what you are looking for. Though it doesn’t outrightly mention or depict a kitchen, it is clear that it’s where the sign should be placed. Whereas some people want a sign that stands out as being bold and energetic, others want something a little more understated for the kitchen. This is especially true if the kitchn is more traditional and classic, as opposed to modern and chic. The chicken design of this neon sign is clear, simple and yet extremely effective. Plus, it uses red lighting which creates a warm and homely feel.

Though there are a lot of signs for the more serious people, there is definitely no shortage of lighthearted and humorous alternatives for those who want to bring some fun and joy into the kitchen. This sign is ideal for a kitchen as it’s funny, but it also mentions food and is therefore relevant. There are very few people out there who don’t enjoy pizza, so it’s certainly a sign that will appeal to a wide audience. The font and colour are clear, without being dull or boring. It’s also a sign that would work well in a pizza restaurant or bar.

As you can see, there really is a neon kitchen sign for everyone and every type of kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional and classic kitchen or one that is much more modern, you will always be able to find a neon sign that works in your home. A neon sign can transform a kitchen from a standard room to something truly unique, which is why it’s a design addition a lot of homeowners are fully embracing.