It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a brand new bar venture or you are looking to spruce up an existing one, neon bar signs are a key part of turning it into something special. There is no right or wrong way to decorate and style a bar, with different techniques working for different places. However, a neon bar sign is something that every bar can benefit from. A neon sign is noticeable, clear and great at conveying a strong message. There’s no denying that neon bar signage stands out a lot more than other forms of signage.

Create Top Bar Signage With These Tips and Examples

It’s not easy to know where to start with bar signage, as there are a few different ways to get creative and do things different. It’s largely about focusing on customised signage that stands out from the rest, whilst appealing to a large target audience. There’s no need to settle for standard or generic bar signage, not when there are a range of neon options for you to choose from.

Keep Things Personal and Custom

If you want to stand out and create great bar signage, you need to think about personalized neon bar signs. Though it may be quicker and easier to simply purchase a standard neon sign, this is unlikely to showcase the style and personality of the bar itself. By keeping things custom, it’s possible to use branded colours and include the name of the bar. These little details show just how much time and effort you have put into designing a bar that your customers will love. There are a lot of different bars out there and therefore some of them will be similar, but your bar will still be unique in a number of different ways and this is something that should be clear to customers. This is something that you can highlight with personalised signage. Rather than choosing the same signs that customers have seen a hundred times before, choose signs that showcase personality and character. Creative bar signage reflects well on the business as a whole.

Think About Your Audience

When you are choosing neon bar signs for home, you can focus on your own personal style and design taste. However, when you are choosing neon bar signs for a business it’s hugely important to think about the specific audience that you are trying to attract. Whereas some bars will be trying to attract city workers looking for a quiet drink, others will be trying to attract a younger and rowdier crowd. Whereas some bars want to create a calm and relaxing ambiance, others will want to create livelier and louder scene. Your specific audience should be taken into account when you are creating bar signage. Though you may like a specific design and colour, you need to give some thought as to whether your audience will think the same. This sign is a good example of how bar signage can target a very specific customer. It’s pink, it’s shareable and it’s aimed at groups of girlfriends. Little details like this can make a person feel as though it’s a bar they belong in, rather than feeling out of place.

Be Bold, Bright and Stand Out

It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a neon sign for inside or outside the bar, it’s important to stand out at all times. There will always be a lot of other bars competing for the same customers, which means that being bold and bright is vital. Though you may assume that keeping things chic and subtle may create a more elegant and classic vibe, you run the risk of blending into the background and not being noticed. When it comes to bar signage, you need to pack a punch and this flamingo design is a great example of just that. By using bright colours, text and imagery this neon sign won’t go unnoticed. The quote used is one that will resonate with a lot of people, especially those who are heading out for drinks after work or those who want to liven up their weekend, meaning it is one that people will remember. When you are creating bar signage, think about how to make it as eye catching as possible from every angle.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

There are a lot of different options when it comes to neon signs in terms of design and colour, so don’t hold yourself back. Though you may be tempted to keep things simple by choosing a neon sign that is white in colour, this may not do a good job of standing out and grabbing attention. When it comes to attracting customers and making a statement, bright and bold colours are usually best. It is entirely possible to utilise your brand colours, as custom neon bar signs are always an option. However, always consider what colours will be noticeable and memorable to passersby. This tiki bar sign shows just how effective and attention grabbing a colourful sign can be, but without being too over the top and garish. When choosing colours, think about what tones stand out from one another but avoid clashing.

Don’t underestimate the impact neon bar signs can have on customers and the success of your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to garner attention on Instagram or you are trying to bring in a whole host of regulars customers, neon bar lights can make a big difference. With so many other bars and competitors out there, it is important to stand out and be memorable as an individual bar. Though this isn’t always something that’s easy to achieve with standard design techniques and accessories, high quality neon lights can help in a big way.