There’s no denying that a lot of people like neon sign wall art, it has become increasingly popular in recent years and many people are using neon signs to add something unique to a room. People hang neon word art in their homes, businesses and offices. You can even find it in restaurants, bars and retail stores. Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are also common places to find neon signs. It doesn’t matter on the type of room you have or the amount of space, there is always room for a neon sign of some sort. However, artists have taken this interest in neon signs one big step further. Rather than limiting themselves to signs and wording, there are some artists that have turned neon tubes into impressive artworks. With a little bit of research, you can find large neon installations and subtle neon artwork. In fact, you can even find neon art for sale.

Our Favourite Examples of Neon Art

One of the great things about neon art is that there are very few limitations. If you have a vision or an idea, there’s a high chance that you will be able to make it an artistic reality. There are a lot of different examples of neon art for you to look out, each of which is hugely different. Whereas some neon art is subtle and simple, other examples are complex and over the top. Whereas some neon art uses a handful of tubes and one colour, other examples utilise an array of colours and shapes. Here are some of our favourite examples of neon art.

Though this neon art only uses one basic colour, it is extremely effective. It’s sheer size ensures that it is noticeable and memorable, even when being viewed from a distance. The neon tubes have been placed in a unique shape that circles three large trees, symbolising the rings of the tree trunk. Rather than using one or two neon tubes, the artist has used many. This makes the entire installation a lot more effective, as every ring varies slightly but they are all somewhat similar. This example shows that neon art doesn’t have to be placed on the wall, that it’s equally impactful when placed on the floor.

If you are looking for a colourful neon installation that is somewhat chaotic, this is the ideal art piece for you. Using an array of colourful neon tubes and a variety of shapes, this neon art grabs attention from the get go. This is an example of how multiple colours can work well together, to create a cohesive design that stands out from the rest. By starting small and spreading out as the artwork travels upwards, a unique shape is created. It is large, it is noticeable and it makes a statement. This neon art is perfect for anyone who prefers to stay away from clean lines, organisation and subtly.

There’s nothing to say that a neon art piece needs to rely on neon tubes and nothing else. As this example shows, neon can work well with other materials. Rather than sitting flat against the wall, this piece of art stands out and enters the room. Not only does this guarantee that it’s going to be seen, it adds more of a three dimensional feel to the entire display. This is a piece of art that sends a strong message, a message that may differ from person to person. It could be pro smoking or anti smoking, or it could simply highlight the overpowering impact that smoking inside can have. It’s certainly a neon display that makes the audience stop and think.

Though there are some examples of neon art that are made entirely of neon, other artists use neon to highlight a sculpture or existing shape. This is a good example of how neon can simply highlight, outline and draw attention to another piece of art. Rather than making the entire sculpture using neon lights, this artist has used neon to create an outline. Not only does it draw attention to the sculpture and grab attention but it also highlights two of the most important features, the wings and the halo. This technique could be used on other sculptures and pieces of art.

If you are interested in neon art that can be interpreted in different ways, this could be the neon art example for you. There’s no specific message, there’s no specific shape and there’s no specific connection to be made. Simply, everyone can take away something different from the artwork. As this artwork shows, using one colour can be very effective. Not only is it a piece of artwork, but it also brings light and brightness into a space. The light is so effective that it lights up the entire framework, despite only being used on one side.

As you can see, there are a tonne of fantastic examples of neon sign wall art. A lot of people assume that neon art stops at signs and business signage, but that isn’t the case at all. You won’t struggle to find a neon sign artist that is using neon art in a unique way, creating a neon sculpture or an impressive installation. You will often find neon signs being used to advertise a business or market a product, you will even find them in bedrooms and living rooms adding a unique light feature. However, it’s a neon light artist that is truly doing something different. Luckily, a lot of them offer neon sculptures for sale. Neon is continuing to grow in popularity, which is fantastic news if you like brighter and bolder art installations. Whether neon is used along or in conjunction with other materials, a neon piece of art always stands out.