Sometimes, bigger really is better. When it comes to making a statement and standing out, don’t be afraid to go big and grab the attention of people walking by. This is where large neon signs come into play. Though a lot of people want to keep their signs small and subtle, this isn’t something that’s going to help you stand out from competitors. Even if you are adding a neon sign to your home, you don’t want to run the risk of a sign blending into the background or becoming lost in other aspects of your interior design. Regardless of where you are placing a neon sign and the exact design you have chosen, it is always better when the sign is a focal point. This is the case whether you are wanting to bring light and excitement into a living room or marketing a business or specific product. When someone is close to a neon sign, you want them to stop and look. They should notice the sign, read the sign and remember the sign once they have left. Otherwise, you run the risk of the sign being forgotten about. There are some small neon signs that do successfully grab attention and make a statement, but it’s a lot easier when you upscale the sign to something bigger.

Neon Signs That Are Large, Effective and Popular

There’s certainly no shortage of neon signs out there for you to choose from, which can make picking one a tough job. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying for a home or a business, you may find a number of signs that you like and struggle to narrow down your options. To help you out, we have curated a list of some of our favourite signs. They are all large, effective and extremely popular.

If you know anything about neon signs, you will know that they are extremely popular at weddings. A lot of couples use neon signs to decorate their wedding venue, adding something unique and different to their day. Occasions such as this call for a large neon sign, as you need it to stand out among a lot of guests and people rushing about. This neon sign is a prime example of how a sign that be large and effective, without being overbearing or over the top. The white light used is subtle, romantic and works well with any colour scheme.

This is another example of just how effective a large neon sign can be at a wedding. These individual neon letters are extremely tall, which makes them ideal for photo opportunities and standing out among a lot of people. They are also effective sources of light. Rather than relying on generic lighting and lighting that doesn’t add anything in terms of design, it’s possible to opt for signs such as these. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming large neon lights look tacky at a wedding, but this shows otherwise.

By looking at these two flamingo neon lights, you can see that sometimes going for the bigger option really is better. Though they are identical in terms of design, the larger one is clearer and a lot more noticeable. There is always the risk that a small neon sign will get lost in a room, especially if it’s a room that already has a lot going on. For example, it may not stand out in a busy bedroom or in the corner of the living room. However, the larger sign definitely will. This flamingo sign is also a great example of just how effective a simple design can be. It only uses one tube light, one colour and very little detail but it’s still abundantly obvious what the sign is depicting.

You can’t get much bigger than a neon sign that spans the entire height of a building. When you initially think about large neon signs, it is very easy to assume that they just won’t work. You may assume that a sign of this size will be too big, that it’ll grab attention but for the wrong reasons. As you can see, this isn’t the case. It’s entirely possible to have a large sign that works extremely well, as long as the sign is designed in the right way. This large sign is spread out, with each letter being separate from the others. This allows the sign to cover a large area, whilst still clearly displaying the word. When designing a large sign, it’s important to keep things simple. Though it can be tempting to use an abundance of colour and imager, this can mean that the sign is too busy and therefore not clear. This sign is a good example of how sometimes larger signs are more effective when they are simple.

When we say that large neon signs work well, we really do mean it. As you can see from the examples given above, the larger the neon sign the more noticeable it is. Though you don’t want to run the risk of the sign overpowering the space and taking too much focus away from everything else, it’s often better to go bigger rather than smaller. Before deciding on a large neon sign, think about how much space you have. If you have a large area or a big blank wall, choose a sign that’s going to take up enough space. If you have a room that’s relatively simple and minimal, choose a sign that’s going to create a focal point and engage an audience. Choosing a large sign isn’t often too much more expensive than a smaller alternative, but there are many benefits. Going for a larger sign is a no brainer if you have the space to do so.