Though there are a lot of neon signs that go above and beyond what you may expect a sign to do, sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. This is where hello neon signs come in. By adding a hello neon sign to a space, you are welcoming individuals and adding something interesting. This is the case whether you are sprucing up a home or improving the look of a business. There’s no need to simple say hello, when you can invest in a neon sign that does this in a memorable way. We have listed some of our favourite signs to get you started.

The Best Hello Neon Signs on Pinterest

There’s no shortage of styles and designs to choose from when it comes to saying hello with a neon sign, with some keeping it simple and others making much more of a statement. This means that there’s a great neon sign for everyone, regardless of what you are looking for.

If it’s a classic and simple neon sign that you are looking for, this is a great option. This sign doesn’t overcomplicate anything and it’s not too busy, it simply greets a person by saying hello and leaves it at that. There are a lot of neon signs out there that have the wow factor, but they don’t work in every home and every business. This is a sign that can be placed anywhere and work well, as the white colour ensures that it will fit in with existing interiors. The font used is a casual and relaxed one, creating a welcoming vibe.

This is the ideal neon sign for a bedroom, as it is small and welcoming. The colours used are contrasting enough that the font and speech bubble stands out from any angle, whilst still creating a cohesive and feminine design overall. Whereas a lot of neon signs are big and noticeable, this is a lot smaller and therefore it is a great addition to a busy space or an area with limited space. It can be placed in any bedroom and it will always add a bit of colour.

Though a lot of neon signs merely say hello, this one goes one step further. The quote used is a well known and recogniseable one, which means that the sign is memorable for a lot of people. It’s ideal if you are looking for a welcoming sign that says hello but isn’t standard or generic. This sign is unique in the fact that it is just as well suited to a home as it is to a bedroom. A lot of neon signs are better placed in one or the other, but this would work well regardless of where it is placed. It could welcome guests to a home or welcome customers to a business. It could work as a way to add colour to a living room or as a way to show customers that somewhere is open for business.

You will find that a lot of neon signs saying hello are pink or purple and with good reason. There are very few people out there that don’t like a shade of pink and there are very few shades of pink that don’t stand out. When a sign is pink, there’s a high chance that it will stand out among the rest. This is certainly the case with this sign. It’s always a good idea to make a neon sign as personal as possible as this ensures that it will attract the attention of an individual, which is exactly what this sign does. By complimenting a person and calling them beautiful, this sign conveys a positive and welcoming message.

Hello neon signs don’t need to be limited to text and text alone, as this design shows. Rather than simply stating hello in a basic way, this neon sign also boasts a set of eyelashes. Not only does this add something extra to the sign and make it stand out from the rest, it helps to grab someone’s attention. There’s really no limit on where this sign could be used, as it would work just as well in the home as it would at a business. Signs such as this one are ideal for adding something unique and colourful to a space, without going over the top with a large and garish sign.

It’s not everyday you see a Hello Kitty neon sign, let alone one that says hello in a clear and concise way. Though Hello Kitty isn’t for everyone and it certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for every business, it’s a brand that is well known and recogniseable around the world. If you are trying to attract a certain type of person, this sign could be ideal. It uses a wide range of colours and this ensures that it will stand out, whilst bringing a lot of light and brightness to a room.

There’s certainly no limit on the type of hello neon signs that are available, as shown by the variety given above. It doesn’t matter if you want a sign to welcome customers to your business or you want a sign that adds colour to your home, you will always be able to find a hello neon sign that ticks every box. A lot of people spend hours and hours looking for a neon sign with a complicated design or a long and inspirational quote, but sometimes a simple hello is more than enough. Regardless of whether you choose something simple or you go all out with a Hello Kitty neon design, hello neon signs are always welcomed additions to a home or business.