You won’t have to spend too long searching for neon signs on Instagram before you come across many of the ones quoting ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’. The girls girls girls neon sign has quickly become one of the most popular designs out there, being used by bars and restaurants around the world. In fact, you can even find it in retail stores and homes. There really is no limit as to where this style of neon sign can be used, which is why it is rarely too hard to find. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not a fantastic design to consider when you are looking for a new neon sign. Though it’s not as unique and unusual as many of the other designs available, it still makes a statement and stands out for the right reasons. Let’s face it, you are not going to walk passed a girls neon sign without noticing.

Our Favourite Girls Girls Girls Neon Signs on Pinterest

Without having to spend too much time on Pinterest, it’s easy to find a number of neon signs that say ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’. Though a lot of people make the mistake of assuming that there is only one specific design for these signs, that’s not actually the case at all. There are signs with different shades of pink, different fonts and some with added detail. It’s just a case of finding the sign that works for you, whether you are adding it to your home or business.

When most people think of a girls girls girls sign, this is the exact sign that they think of. It is simple, it is pink and the words are clearly displayed for everyone to see. It doesn’t matter whether this sign is placed in the bathroom of a nightclub or in the changing rooms of a clothing store, it’s very clear who it is aimed at and who it has been designed for. Almost all of the slightly different girls girls girls signs use pink lighting, but this pink lighting is one of the most enjoyable to look at. It’s the perfect balance between being too light and too dark, which means that it’ll appeal to anyone who likes feminine decor.

Though all of the girls girls girls signs we have seen are somewhat similar, there are a few that differ in one way or another. This sign is one that stands out as being unique. Not only does it use more than one shade of pink, but it uses a slightly different font. This font is not as strong, but it is just as clear. By being thinner and not as bold, it creates a slightly more youthful and younger vibe. The sign is also different because it includes two hearts, one at the top of the sign and one at the bottom. This isn’t something that many other girls girls girls signs do, so it certainly stands out for that reason alone. If you are looking to add a girls girls girl sign to a bedroom, this is definitely a design worth considering. With the different shades of pink and heart detailing, it’s a little bit more relaxed and whimsical than other similar options.

Breaking away from the traditional design of the girls girls girls signs, this option uses three different colours. Though they are all similar shades, they differ enough to ensure each individual word stands out. However, this doesn’t prevent the entire design from being cohesive and together. It simply adds additional colour and goes one step further towards grabbing attention. This design is one that would work well in a nightclub or bar as a focal point of the decor. It stands out without being overpowering and it’s feminine without being too girly. It’s easy to see that this sign would work well as a background to photographs and nights out with friends. If you can’t decide on a specific shade of pink, choose an option using different shades.

Though the majority of girls girls girls signs are pink, that’s not to say that they all are. This is a prime example of how a stronger and bolder colour works just as well. The red is vivid and it makes a statement, which is only strengthened by the use of the arrow. An arrow isn’t something that is often seen on girls girls girls signs, but it works well to take the focus away from the sign itself and in a different direction. This would work well as a directional sign, such as a way to direct visitors upstairs or towards the female bathrooms in a bar.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have seen the girls girls girls neon sign being used by someone before. This is because all of the different sign applications look great, stand out and are extremely memorable. The design is aesthetically pleasing and a great colour, which is why so many people photograph it and add it to social media platforms. It’s not one of the neon signs that anyone will walk by without taking note, nor is it a neon sign that anyone will forget. It doesn’t matter whether you are sprucing up your bedroom or adding something interesting to a bar, the girls girls girls sign is one that people will stop and look at. Despite the fact that this signage design is a popular one, there are a variety of slightly different takes on the design. This means that you will be able to find one that ticks every box, including a sign of the right size and shape. You will even be able to find a girls girls girls sign that creates the vibe you want, whether that be a relaxed one or an energised one.