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  • Instagram frames play in your web browser
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Our 66+ Instagram frame collection

If you’d like to add any of your Instagram frame designs to our frame collection please let us know!
Photos pictured: @slibstream in #Seville Spain
When you play an Instagram frame it will play your Instagram photos

DIY your own Instagram frame – build your own

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How Slibstream Instagram frames work

How to access your Instagram frame

Click on a link to access your Slibstream

Slibstream Instagram frames play in your web browser. They work on any modern device (tablet, phone, laptop, pc, smart tv) with a new web browser and an active internet connection

Like this Insta frame? Play Rainbow Frame

Wanna have a go with your pics? Play Slibstream Blue Frame

Instagram frames go fullscreen

Make your Instagram frame as big as possible!

Slibstream has a special fullscreen feature to hide the URL bar and status bar in your web browser so you can view your photos in full size

Photos live update in your frame

Slibstream checks for new Instagram photos every minute

Your Slibstream updates with your latest photos every minute and you can manually refresh your Slibstream by clicking the refresh button

Try it for yourself… Play Skullz Frame

3 Photos Showing How Our Instagram Frames Work

Banana It Instagram Slibstream Frame Streaming Photos From The iPhone Instagram App

Give it a go… Play Bananit Frame

Choose your Instagram frame photos

Pick your Instagram photos that stream into your Slibstream frame using your Instagram hash tags

Slibstream lets you decide which of your Instagram photos should appear in your Instagram frame. You can control which content appears using your hash tags and even set the order and number of the photographs to display.

Personalise the appearance of your Instagram frame

Design and create multiple Instagram frames with the Slibstream frame builder

The Slibstream frame builder allows you to create a photo frame without needing to use HTML! Once you have created your frame, access the play URL that the frame builder generates for you. Then your Instagram frame will start to play.

Instagram iPhone App And Hippo Instagram Frame Playing Photos

See what your Instagram pictures look like in… Play Hippo Frame

Instagram App On iPhone Synced With Lipsss Slibstream Instagram Photo Frame

Play the Lipss Frame

Print your favourite Instagram photos

Use your home printer to print your Instagram photos in photo frame friendly layouts

Printing your Instagram photos is easy with Slibstream. You can print your Instagram photos into various layouts, re-order, clone and even remove the photos that you don’t need.

Create your free Slibstream account to build your own Instagram frames

Create a Slibstream account to build your own Instagram photo frames and share them with your followers