When it comes to neon signs, there are a lot of different options. You can choose from a variety of colours, a variety of sizes and a variety of styles. You are even free to choose what the sign says or the image that it depicts. Simply, neon signs can be completely custom made to meet your exact requirements. This is ideal if you are creating a neon sign for a business or brand, as you will probably want it to utilise your logo or specific branded colours. This is also good news if you are having a neon sign created for the home, as you are free to design custom neon signs that will fit in with your existing decor or showcase an inspirational quote that helps you throughout the day. However, all of these options can mean that designing a custom neon sign is a daunting task. With so many options, knowing what you truly want can be difficult but we are here to help you out. We have sourced some of the best custom signs on the internet, all of which will provide you with a great deal of inspiration. You will know what type of neon sign you want in no time at all.

The Best Neon Signs The Internet Has To Offer

You don’t need to spend too long online to see that there is an array of neon signs out there, many of which have been custom made with a specific individual or business in mind. These bespoke signs vary hugely, which means that there’s something for everyone. Even if you have a very specific idea of the type of custom sign that you want, you will be able to find what you’re looking for somewhere.

One of the most popular types of custom made neon signs are those showcasing a name or a surname, and this sign is a great example of just how effective they can be. A lot of people have these signs made to showcase at weddings and in the home, highlighting who the special day is about or who lives there. It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch, but without going over the top or trying too hard. It’s subtle but noticeable and bright but not overbearing. This sign uses an interesting green light, which is a little uncommon and this just adds to how unique and personal it is.

Though some people go for custom neon lights that are bold and make a statement, others go for something a little more subtle. This simple design uses two initials and is therefore unlikely to be used by anyone else that you know. It’s an ideal design to display at a wedding, an engagement party or in the home. Rather than trying to find a neon sign that showcase something both of you like, keep it simple and as personal as possible by using initials. We like the fact that this sign only uses white light, as it creates a chic and classic feel whilst still being modern.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that custom signs need to involve a personal or business name, as there are also options for those who are looking to have a sign made with a certain quote or phrase. If you have a quote that you find inspiring or a joke that makes you smile, you can have it made into a neon sign. This sign is a good example of how great a quote can look in neon form. I’s clear, it’s noticeable and it lights up the room. Though it has always been common for people to have quote neon signs in their homes and offices, bars and retail stores are now following suit. Having a quote or phrase that resonates with a lot of people is a good way to make an establishment memorable to its customers. Think about how many neon signs you have seen on Pinterest and Instagram, a lot of these will have been uploaded by customers who visited a business and liked the decor.

We couldn’t mention the best custom neon signs on the internet without mentioning those used to display a business name and logo. A lot of businesses choose neon signage as a way to stand out from the competitors and to garner the attention of those passing by. Though a standard sign will work well during the day, a neon sign will stand out at night. This sign is a fantastic example of how effective a neon sign can be when it utilises existing business branding. There’s certainly no confusion as to what the business is and what the business does. When you are creating a custom sign for a business it’s always a good idea to use branded colours, as this creates a recognisable brand and cohesive design across the board.

If you are thinking about having custom neon signs made, it’s important to really think about what you want. Though having a lot of options does mean that you can design a sign that ticks every box, it can also mean that you find yourself overwhelmed by the entire design process. It’s always a good idea to browse the internet and see what is already out there, see what other people are doing and see what’s popular. This will help you to work out what you do and don’t like in a neon sign. It’s also a good idea to think about where the sign is going and whether it needs to match anything else. If you already have neon signs, you may want this one to match in some way. Alternatively, you could design a sign that stands out as being a contrast to existing decor.