You will probably have seen custom neon bar signs in your favourite pub or nightclub, but that’s not where neon light signs custom stop. When it comes to neon light signs custom, there are more options than most people realise. They are not limited to bars, restaurants, pubs or nightclubs. You can get neon sign made and use it anywhere. You can use it in the home, in a corporate workplace, at an event or in a retail store. The possibilities really are endless. All you need to do is choose a space that needs livening up and design a neon sign that ticks every box. You are sure to be amazed at the difference a neon sign can make.

Our Top Custom Neon Sign Designs To Inspire You

Though neon signs were originally used for advertising and marketing purposes, a lot of people are now using them at events. This includes birthdays, weddings, engagements and anniversaries. This design is a great example of how effective a custom neon sign can be. By showcasing the name of a couple, the entire area feels personal and special. The font is clear, the colour is bright and the sign stands out. It’s a classic and chic design, but one that is also memorable.

There are a lot of great quotes, phrases and lyrics out there. Many of these look fantastic when transformed into a neon sign. You can choose any wording and turn it into a sign, knowing that it will look great. This could be a quote that means something to you, a line from your favourite song or humorous pun. We really like this neon sign design, as it’s unique but also appealing to a wide audience.

When we say that there’s a lot of options when it comes to designing a custom neon sign, we really do mean it. As this design shows, you don’t need to stick to one font or one colour. By utilising a number of different designs, you can create a sign that stands out and has an impact. There’s no risk of someone walking by this sign and not taking note.

A lot of people are using neon signs at weddings and for good reason. When you see a design such as this one, it’s easy to see why a neon sign is such a good decor addition. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s personal. It’s a fantastic way to add something truly unique to a special day. This design is a great one because the font is playful and the colour is bright, meaning it’s not a sign that will go unnoticed.

Though a lot of people choose to have their name turned into a neon sign, you can also go one step further and choose a quote. This is a famous quote, but one that works very well as a neon sign. It’s one that a lot of people relate to, it’s memorable and it grabs attention. As a neon sign design, this could be used in a lot of places. However, it would work exceptionally well at a wedding to highlight the happiness that’s to be expected.

One of the most popular types of neon signs are those showcasing a surname. This is because people are proud to be a married couple, proud to be a family and proud of who they are. A lot of these signs are used at weddings, but this is a design that would work just as well placed in the home. It’s easy to imagine it in the living room or kitchen, adding a unique feature and focal point.

This design is a great example of how a custom neon sign can work well in a corporate office environment. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that neon signs can’t look great in an office, as this design shows otherwise. Though bright and colourful, it’s still somewhat simple and subtle. It adds a unique feature, but without taking away too much attention from other things.

Sometimes, bigger is better and this neon sign design clearly shows that. Though this neon sign would look great in a smaller size, there’s no denying that this large design really packs a punch. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s vivid. It immediately becomes the focal piece in any room, which a lot of larger spaces can benefit from. Regardless of the colour or font that’s used, this sign will always be just as effective. We can imagine seeing this sign being used in a bar, nightclub or even a large and spacious home.

If there’s one thing that we know about bespoke neon lights, it’s that they are highly effective. Those that are used by brands and businesses are highly effective at marketing or advertising a product. Those that are used by homeowners and individuals are highly effective at bringing personality or unique styling onto a room. This is why so many people opt for neon signs made to order. Though there are a lot of unique neon signs that already exist, you really can’t beat custom made neon lights. There’s a lot of freedom that comes with custom neon led signs, such as the ability to choose any wording or colour that you want. If there’s a specific image that you want, you can have it. If there’s a specific design that you want, you can have it. There are even small custom neon signs for those with limited space. When it comes to neon light signs custom, you won’t be short of choice.