If you frequent a lot of coffee shops, you will know that a lot of them have coffee neon sign or two. These are used to advertise the fact that the establishment serves coffee, to grab the attention of passersby and to inspire people to grab a fresh cup. There are also some people who have coffee neon signs in their home, to showcase their love of caffeine and to add a personal touch to the kitchen. Wherever coffee neon signs are placed, they work extremely well. Even if you haven’t thought about having a cup of coffee or you where set on another beverage a simple coffee sign could inspire you to do something different.

Our 6 Favourite Coffee Neon Signs For Every Coffee Lover

There’s no shortage of coffee signs to choose from, with every neon option being a great one. There are simple signs for those who want something subtle and bolder signs for those who want to stand out, as well as those in between. We have listed six of our favourite signs below.

There is no better way to inspire yourself to drink a lot more coffee than to highlight the fact that it’s a great way to socialise and spend time with friends, which this neon sign does perfectly. Not only is the quote itself one that will resonate with a lot of people who like to relax with a cup of coffee, but the fact that it rhymes ensures that it’ll be memorable. Don’t forget, it’s the memorable signs that really make an impact on anyone that sees it. The font used is fun and aesthetically pleasing, whilst still being easy to read and clear.

As anyone who is somewhat reliant on a cup of coffee in the morning will know, before doing anything it is important to have that first important cup. We really like the wording on this neon sign. It’s simple, It’s easy to understand and it grabs the attention of any coffee lover. In just three simple words, it conveys the importance of coffee. The colour of this sign is great as it’s bright and bold, without being over the top or garish. This is the type of neon sign that you would find in a chic coffee shop or someone’s kitchen, as it will easily fit in with other decor and all interior design styles.

Sometimes, it can feel as though all we do is wake up and drink coffee to get through the day. That’s the clear message this sign conveys. Everyone has had those stressful weeks where they feel as though the only thing getting them through is coffee, and this sign normalises that. It’s a catchy quote, it’s easy to understand and it’s something a lot of people can relate to. Unlike a lot of other neon signs about coffee, this one is blue. This makes it stand out as being a little bit different.

If anything is going to inspire you to drink more coffee, it’s the delicious cup of steaming coffee shown on this neon sign. A lot of neon signs about coffee rely on wording, but the focus of this sign is on the image and text combination in equal measure. It uses bright and vivid colours to grab attention. The font is clear and easy to read, meaning there is no need to stop and think about what the neon sign is showing. From the moment you see the sign, it’s purpose is obvious.

It’s possible to inspire yourself to drink more coffee without mentioning the word at all, and without even depicting the image of a cup. This neon sign is a good example of how the mere suggestion of coffee is sometimes enough. A lot of people equate a cup of coffee to happiness and a relaxed feeling, which this caffeine and dreams sign is all about. The design of this sign is one that’s used often, especially in coffee shops and restaurants. Having the text in one colour and the background in another, there’s no worry of it not standing out.

If it’s a simple coffee sign that you want, consider a neon sign such as this one. It doesn’t show any coffee, it doesn’t mention any coffee and it’s without any text. However, the message is still clear and it still grabs attention from anyone who passes by. This sign depicts two coffee cups and it is relaxed, simple and understated. Whereas some businesses and homeowners want a bold and strong neon sign, others prefer something a little more subtle. There’s no denying that this is a chic design, opposed to a number of others which are more kitschy and over the top. The yellow used is unique for a neon sign, as a lot of people opt for reds and blues.

It doesn’t matter whether you are someone who enjoys one of two cups of coffee a day or someone who relies on much more to get by, we are sure these neon signs will inspire you to up your intake and enjoy an additional cup. As these signs show, being inspired to drink more coffee doesn’t mean having bold images of coffee cups or signs with strict instructions to have more. A simple sign with the suggestion of coffee is just as effective, if not more so. There really is a coffee neon sign for everyone, for every home and for every business. It’s a fantastic way to show off an interest, add personality and make your space a unique one. If you are a lover of coffee like so many others, why wouldn’t you want to let everyone know?