We have made the following changes to enhance Slibstream

Please feel free to suggest your improvements here by leaving a comment.



  • March – April: 2018. Slibstream Play URL Landing Page Style Setup (On Slib.co) – The Slib.co Play URL pages are styled for improved UX, more importantly the description is visible – so users know if they are actually trying to access the correct Slibstream Play URL.
  • March – April: 2018. 4 X Slibstream News In Picture¬†Launched AKA Channels. Currently free for all users. CA UK US & AU Channels.
  • March 26 2018. Bug Fix – Frame Image Upload/Delete. Upload/Delete frame background fixed for Slibstream users. This wasn’t functioning correctly previously.
  • March 25th 2018. General Maintenance/Site Improvements – Better share icons. Better 66+ Free Instagram Frames landing page (Better UX). Addition of more YouTube content and more photographs.


  • February – March 2018: YouTube Channel Setup – 66+ demo Instagram frames showcased on YouTube. We have created demonstration videos for each of our 66+ frames on how to load a Slibstream photo frame. Visit our YouTube Channel for more information.
  • February – March 2018: 66+ Frames Gallery Added Online – This page and feature was added to help users see what Slibstream does and what “Public” frames are available. There are currently around 66+ Instagram frames.
  • February 02 2018: Instagram Carousel Photo Order Bug – Fixed the order photo order of Instagram Carousel photos
  • February 02 2018: 1 Frame Bug – Shape’n Shake bug fix
  • February 02 2018: Slib.co Login User Experience – Slib.co login page improved (mobile login is easier + Slideshow of “What It Looks Like” added)


  • January 23 2018: User Experience Improvement – Frame designs can be chosen by clicking one button in the carousel of available photo frames
  • January 23 2018: Launch – We have launched!