If there’s one thing that all neon signs must do, it’s look great in the dark. There are a range of neon sign out there for you to choose from, but not all look as good in the dark as the rest. We have scouted seven awesome neon sign maker photos to highlight just how impressive some of the best neon signs look when the room is plunged into darkness. If you are thinking about having a neon sign made, this is a good way to get some effective ideas.

Our Top 7 Neon Sign Maker Photos That Look Great At Night

When thinking about neon signs, a lot of people think about inspirational quotes lighting up a room or a colourful image being a focal piece, but there are ways to impress that are a little more subtle and a lot simpler. This planet neon sign does a fantastic job of making any area look great, in a way that’s understated. It doesn’t rely on a lot of colour and it doesn’t rely on a lot of details, but it still looks great in the dark and stands out as being a great sign. Signs that use one colour often look great in the dark because they do a good job of creating a specific ambiance. For example, this sign uses the blue light to create a relaxed and cool vibe.

We really like neon signs that are bright, vivid and energetic. This rainbow sign is a great example of just how fantastic neon signs look in the dark. Though the design itself is relatively simple and only uses a handful of neon tubes, the overall effect is one that’s sure to grab attention wherever it’s placed. It’s a sign that will stop people as they pass, regardless of where it’s located.

If you are designing a neon sign that uses a fair amount of text, it’s important to design it in a way that’s clear and bold. It’s not uncommon for wording to get lost in the darkness, especially when the entire quote is too long or the font is hard to read. This sign is a great example of how a simple font makes a big impact; it’s a font that everyone can read from a distance, without having to stop and work out what’s being said.

This dragon neon sign shows just how cool a detailed design can look in the dark when it’s executed correctly. Despite there being a wide range of colours and a lot going on, it’s very easy to tell what the sign is and what it is depicting. There’s always the risk that an overly complicated neon sign won’t be clear enough and that people will be left wondering what it’s all about. However, this design shows that there are ways to succeed.

There are a tonne of neon signs that light up an entire room or showcase an entire business, but there are other types of signs that look just as great in the dark. Take this simple sign for example, it takes a statement without being complicated or over the top. The message is clear and concise, and it evokes an emotional response from the audience. It does this without using another other than a white light and seven letters. A good neon sign company is one that understands the idea that less is often more.

If you want a neon sign that’s going to look fabulous in the dark, it’s often a good idea to choose a quote or phrase that a lot of people can relate to. This is a good way to stop people as they pass, evoke an emotional response and get them to think. When a quote is too long or too complex, it’s likely that people will avoid it altogether. After all, nobody wants to view a neon sign that’s going to be hard work to understand. This sign is a great example of how good a simple, yet poignant quote can look as a neon sign. It’s short enough that it’s easy to read, whilst being something that resonates with a lot of people. Let’s also note the impressive choice of colour, as the two contrasting colours stand out from one another and ensure the sign is noticeable even when placed on its own.

If you want a neon sign that’s going to light up an entirely dark room, this design could be the one for you. It’s large, it’s bright and it’s clear. There’s no denying that this sign makes a statement and stands out from everything else around it. As the sign is such a large one, the red light transforms the entire room into a warm and welcoming space. This isn’t something that a lot of neon signs are able to do, as many of them struggle to give off enough light to illuminate more than the area surrounding them.

By looking at the seven fantastic neon signs above, it’s clear to see that a full range of neon signs look great in the dark. When you invest in a neon sign, you want to do so knowing that it looks great during the day and at night. Though neon signs are obviously more apparent in the dark, a great neon sign should look great at any time of day. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a neon sign maker, but make sure to enlist the help of an experienced and talented team. Nobody wants to be left with a neon sign that doesn’t pack a punch when all other lights are off.