If you know anything about interior design and decorating, you will know that neon signs for home are extremely popular. They range from outdoor neon bar signs to personalised bedroom signs, but they all add something special to the home. A neon sign is a great way to add personality, style and light to any room. If you need to add light and style to an outdoor space, you are in luck because they work well there too. There’s no need to worry about not finding a neon sign that works for your home, as there are so many options to choose from. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to look fantastic.

Neon Signs That Work Inside and Outside Any Home

There’s certainly no denying that there’s a wide range of neon signs for you to choose from. Regardless of whether you are planning to place it inside or outside the home, you won’t find yourself short of choice. However, this can make choosing your ideal sign a little bit difficult. With so many options available, you may find yourself wanting to buy them all. This isn’t likely to be a viable option and narrowing them down your favourite sign is key. If you are struggling to choose a great sign for your home, check out these five fantastic signs. They are sure to inspire you.

Though there are a lot of different types of neon signs available, quotes and wording signs are some of the most popular for the home. This is because they help to create a specific vibe and ambiance, wherever they are placed. This is a fantastic design because it’s simple, clear and stylish. Thanks to the clear font and bright pink light, the text can be ready extremely easily. There’s no need to worry about someone not knowing what the sign says, even if they are looking at it from a distance. This neon sign is ideal for the home, as it highlights just how enjoyable staying in and relaxing can be.

A lot of people opt to place their neon signs in the bedroom, as this is somewhere that they spend a lot of their time. There is a lot of freedom that comes with placing a neon sign in the bedroom, as it’s a personal space and you can really let loose with your style preferences. This quote – a lyric from a Taylor Swift song – is a fantastic one as it’s long enough to garner attention but short enough to be memorable. The mention of daydreams and nightmares ties it into the idea of sleeping, bedtime and relaxation. The font is relaxed and feminime, making it similar to handwriting. This adds even more of a personal touch.

When you are choosing a neon sign for the home, it’s often a good idea to choose a quote or phrase that everyone knows. This ensures that they will remember what the sign says and feel a connection to it, two things that you want to do if you’re hoping that the sign makes a statement. ‘Home Sweet Home’ is something that everyone feels on a regular basis, after a long day at work or after returning from a trip. It highlights the enjoyment of coming home to a comfortable, homely and cosy space. The font and colour choice are ideal, as they are relaxed but also clear.

If you have spent any time browsing neon signs for the home, you will know that pink is an extremely popular colour. This is because pink lighting works in most rooms and creates a welcoming vibe, as this neon sign shows. This quote is ideal for bedrooms or living spaces, as it’s a compliment and is sure to provide confidence. It could also work well in a clothing store or dressing room, as it refers to someone in a positive way. This is a sign that work well in any size, even large enough to take up a great deal of space on the wall. The font used is a standard one, but that’s not to say that it’s dull or boring. From the moment someone notices this sign, they are sure to take note and remember it.

There’s no denying that the most popular neon signs are those that convey a positive, happy and joyful message. This neon sign is a prime example of just how effective they can be. When a sign portrays something positive, it’s going to be memorable for all the right reasons. This is only furthered by the baby pink lighting, the relaxed font and the simplicity of the design. There are some signs that look best in specific locations, but this would work well anywhere in the home. It shows that the home is welcoming and comfortable, a happy place for visitors to be. It’s a good example of just how much of an impact a neon sign can have on creating a specific feeling or ambiance in a room. This is a sign that most people would enjoy.

Regardless of whether you are looking for outdoor neon lights or indoor neon lights, you won’t find yourself short of options. You only need to spend a few minutes browsing online before you notice just how many neon signs for home are available. There are small and subtle options, as well as big and bold options. There are whimsical quotes and famous phrases, as well as personalised names and graphics. If you want something that’s completely unique and unusual, you can have a custom neon sign made with your design in mind. It doesn’t matter on the specific type of neon sign that you are looking for, you will always be able to find something that ticks every box for inside or outside the home.