The live, cool, free to try and fun Instagram digital photo frame that plays in web browsers

Choose from over 66 Instagram photo frames or create your own frame to play your Instagram photos!


Skullz Slibstream Instagram Digital Photo Frame Design For Extreme Sport Enthusiasts!


Create a live Instagram digital photo frame containing your favourite photographs…

“Never miss a perfect photo frame moment ever again” – Slibstream

No additional app or software install required. Slibstream plays in your web browser when you’re online. All you need is a WiFi connection, a tablet with a web browser and an Instagram account!


Personalise your Instagram photo frame…

Style and customise your digital photo frame to compliment your live or work space

Customise the appearance of your Slibstreams. Include emoji and messages which live update so you can communicate with your Instagram followers.

Shake'n Shape Slibstream Instagram Digital Photo Frame Design Nice And Yellow!
Slibstream Digital Photo Frame On A Cabinet In The Home


Decide which of your Instagram photos appear in your Slibstream…

Use your Instagram #hashtags to choose which tagged photos appear in which Slibstream

Once you have setup your Slibstream. Control your Slibstream content using your favourite Instagram app and your Instagram photo hash tags.


Share your Slibstream digital photo frame with your Instagram followers…

Gift your followers with an Instagram photo frame

Users don’t need a Slibstream account to play a Slibstream! Gift your Instagram followers with a branded or “you styled” Slibstream… simply send them a link to play their photos.

Slibstream Digital Photo Frame In The Bedroom
Slibstream Digital photo Frame In The Lounge


Print your Slibstream Instagram photos…

Print your Instagram photos using our free tool

Print your Instagram photos on your home or office printer. Print in multiple sizes and different layouts.

Your right to privacy

Your Instagram photos are safe with Slibstream

Slibstream does not save or reuse your Instagram photos and we take our Slibstream users right to privacy seriously. Slibstream does not make any changes to your Instagram account or Instagram photos. We combine SSL (https) and the latest Instagram API protocols to protect and enhance your user experience.

Slibstream Digital Photo Frame In The Home On A Coffee Table

Why the maker @bennyboyworld s Slibstream

Here are @bennyboyworld’s top 12 reasons to try Slibstream

Free sign up

Slibstream is free to try! So why not try it to see if you like it 🙂

Photos live update

Slibstream updates every time you add or delete an Instagram photograph

Multi device compatible

Slibstream plays on modern Windows, Apple, Android and Linux devices

Plays in web browsers

Slibstream does not require another app install (just use your Instagram app)

Share your Slibstreams

Share your Slibstreams with none or any of your Instagram followers

Use your #hashtags

Pull in specific photographs into specific Slibstreams using your hash tags

Customise your frame

Customise your Slibstream frame to compliment your live space

Create more than 1

Save your Slibstreams for use at a later time or use more than one today

Gift your followers

Thank your Instagram followers by giving them a link to a special live Slibstream photo frame

Smart follower access

Invited Instagram followers don’t need a Slibstream account to play your Slibstreams

Content insight

Upgrade your account to measure the effectiveness of your Slibstream

Print your photos

Print your Instagram photos in different layouts

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions please contact us using the contact form below

Yes, you can see all your Instagram photos in your Slibstream account. However, for privacy reasons you cannot see another Instagram followers photos in your Slibstream account.

If you are a Slibstream account holder, you may also share your Slibstreams with your followers.

Feel free to browser our help guide for more information.

Yes, Slibstream currently only works with Instagram. You need to sign up for a free Instagram account (or use your existing Instagram account) before signing up to Slibstream.

Slibstream users access their Slibstream(s) by going to a website link. Therefore to enjoy Slibstream the following are all required:

  1. Slibstream will run and function on modern HTML5, internet enabled devices such as: tablets, notebooks, laptops, pcs and smart phones that are operating with a modern web browser.
  2. An active and healthy internet connection is required to use Slibstream (at all times). Slibstream automatically refreshes your latest Instagram photos every few hours (so a break in internet connection will stop your Slibstream from loading).
  3. Slibstream users are required to have an Instagram account containing photos to use the service. Photos need to be hash tagged i.e. #hashtagged in Instagram first if you want to display photos with certain hash tags in your Slibstream.
  4. Slibstream users cannot start Slibstream without an Instagram account. In order for users to enjoy using Instagram an Instagram compatible device is required such as a modern smart phone or tablet. Users need to update Instagram to update their Instagram photos in their Slibstream account (which will require an app install). More information on about Instagram.
    Therefore, users do not need to install a “Slibstream app” to use our service, but an “Instagram app” is required to manage your Instagram content – which Slibstream displays.

Slibstream is free to use. Although brands, influencers and individuals who would like to access data relating to their Slibstream usage will need to upgrade their account. Users can pay yearly or monthly for the account upgrade:

Pay Monthly: £10 exc VAT. £2 VAT. GRAND TOTAL £12.00

Pay Yearly: £120 exc VAT. £24 VAT. GRAND TOTAL £144.00

Instagram governs how Slibstream works using a set of rules in the Instagram API. SlibStream is limited only by your imagination of capturing the perfect photo, adding it to Instagram and the latest Instagram API limits. If Instagram changes it’s API rules, these rules will automatically be reflected within your Slibstream account.

No. Slibstream does not currently support Instagram video content.

No. In October 2017 Instagram changed it’s API policy for new apps. It is only possible for web apps such as Slibstream to display the owners photos to the owner.

Any Instagram user that your share a Slibstream with can access your photo frame but they will see their own photos within your Slibstream frame (not your photos).

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